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IRS Transcript  Review

(Interest Netting)

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Our services will include a review of the federal tax transcript for the TIN(s) identified by us and the Company for all open periods.  The purpose of this review is to identify potential claims that the Company may have for the recovery of overpaid deficiency interest and for additional overpayment interest related to federal taxes, and any benefits that may result from the application of the section 6621(d) global interest netting provision.  We will prepare the following forms for each identified entity for the Company to sign. 

  • Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization, will authorize WTP to request tax information related to your company. 

  • Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, is the transcript request, which WTP will submit on your behalf. 

Upon completion of our analysis, we will prepare a claim for refund to be filed by the Company for the recoverable amount identified in the course of the review.

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