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Cook County Property Tax Incentive Classification

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Services include research, providing supporting documentation and negotiations with a Municipality and County for Class 6(b)/7(b) designation.  As part of our services, Kane & Co. anticipates that it will perform many of the following services:


Phase I:  Strategic Assessment

  • Gather and analyze information related to investment and job creation opportunities, including rehabilitation and modernization of the subject property.

  • Initiate preliminary incentive negotiation discussions with municipal and county government officials.

  • Identify the steps required to obtain the Class 6(b)/7(b) designation.

  • Quantify an estimated range of monetary value of the benefits available to the Company.

  • Quantify an estimated cost/benefit analysis.


Phase II: Negotiation

  • Design, develop, and execute an overall negotiation strategy for obtaining and maximizing the Class 6(b)/7(b) designation.

  • Gather additional project information and review development plans and other activities that may increase benefits.

  • Arrange and attend meetings with the government officials to commence the negotiation process.

  • Negotiate the incentive package with government officials.

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