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National Property Tax Appeals

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Services Include

  • Gathering factual data related to the property 

  • Reviewing property abatement and Payment-in-Lieu-of-Tax agreements

  • Gathering information from assessment records related to the property

  • Analyzing the assessor’s property record card for errors in property description, including square footage, age and condition of improvements, easements, classification and utilization

  • Researching, reviewing and analyzing statutes, regulations, and case law for reduction opportunities, including special classification and assessment opportunities including pollution control exemptions, open space lands designation, etc.

  • Meeting informally with assessment officials with a goal of securing an amicable and sustainable reduction in assessed value

  • Preparation and filing required documentation to initiate and perfect appeals, as warranted 

  • Representing Company in meetings and administrative hearings at the Town and Court levels, as warranted

  • In the event a third-party appraisal is required, we will select and retain an appraisal from a firm that is acceptable to Kane & Co. and the Company.  Company will be responsible to pay the appraisal fee as a reimbursable out-of-pocket expense as outlined in the fee section below

  • Annually, we will perform a property review, where we meet with Company, tour the property, discuss any issues related to expansion, contraction, utilization, deferred maintenance, real estate operating costs and other items potentially impacting property value

  • Semi-annually, we will prepare a property assessment and tax analysis, whereby we will gather, analyze, summarize and report current year and historical measurements including assessments, tax levy’s, tax rates, uniformity analysis and competing property benchmarks 

  • Provide tax budgeting and forecasting information, based upon our analysis of local taxing jurisdiction budgets, assessment changes, etc

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